Flexible Structures: The Perfect Fit for Sewage Treatment Plants
May 22 , 2024

Known as a new type of mounting system, flexible structures use PC strands instead of traditional steel to support solar systems. This innovation makes PV modules more flexible and reliable, better adapting to complex and changing site conditions and environmental challenges.

In the sewage treatment industry, these structures are particularly advantageous. Sewage treatment plants often have large, long-diameter treatment tanks with complex internal structures, which are unsuitable for traditional mounting foundations. Flexible structures overcome this challenge, providing a feasible solution for building solar PV power plants on sewage treatment tanks.

The design of flexible structures features elevated columns that meet clearance requirements of over 10 meters in height. This allows the structure to span large distances directly over the tanks without hindering the normal operation of the sewage treatment plant. This design not only ensures the stability of the solar PV power plant but also overcomes the limitations of not being able to set up a foundation within the treatment tanks.

Moderate shading from the flexible PV power station helps inhibit excessive algae growth, reducing cleaning frequency and improving the efficiency of sewage treatment. This combination not only lowers the operating costs of wastewater treatment but also reduces pollution emissions to the atmosphere and water environment.

For sewage treatment plants that consume large amounts of electricity and operate around the clock, adopting a “self-generation and self-consumption” mode during peak daytime hours can reduce dependence on the power grid and lower electricity costs. The integration of a flexible PV power station with a sewage treatment plant successfully achieves dual-use of the same space, promoting sustainable green development and reflecting the enterprise's strong commitment to environmental management.

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